The dating world (do’s and don’ts)

The dating world can be a crazy place these days! Do I play it cool? Should I text first? What should I wear? So many questions! So here’s a little guide to what I have learnt so far…

1. Play it cool-don’t overthink things 

2. Plan a public location

3. No “Netflix and chill”- come on you are better than that!

4. Cinema is not a good first date- you want to get to know each other after all

5. Getting drunk is a no go! I repeat no go!

6. Make sure you have planned some kind of conversation- you do not want any awkward silences 

7. Do not give too much away about yourself over text

8. Always arrive fashionably late… but not too late

9. Dress appropriately for the date are you going for food? Cinema? Bowling?

10. Smile! No one likes a Debbie Downer

11. Do not talk exes!

12. Be a tad on the mysterious side 

13. Offer to pay for things- be the independent person you are!

14. No sex on the first date!

15. Keep PDA to a minimum

16. Ask questions! Nothing too personal though 

17. Don’t make yourself too available- you’re a busy bee! 

18. Try to keep some kind of eye contact even though it can be a tad awkward

19. Do not text him first after the date- if he likes you he will text first

20. If it doesn’t work out don’t get yourself down! The world is full of millions of people

If you would like any more hints or tips drop me an email or comment below. 

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