Vegas is a crazy crazy place! People are out there which I love since the British can be quite reserved! My sister and I truly embraced the Vegas lifestyle in June! Here are my top tips:

1. Bare in mind the Vegas heat! It was 50 degrees when I visited! Drink plenty of water and cocktails 😝

2. Visit Caesars palace-incredible! Shop to you drop honeys 

3. Communicate with the club promoters-you get some great freebies e.g free grey goose!

4. If you are hungover try not to sit in the sun!

5. Gamble wisely!

6. Attend a pool party! I went to Encore but wish I went to Wet Republic instead

7. Go to the all you can eat and drink buffet at MGM Grand 

8. Visit the chippendales!

9. Then go upstairs to try one of their cocktails-strongest cocktail I have ever ever tried in my life and we shared it! 
10. Dress appropriately for where you are going- high end=dresses.

11. Go to XS nightclub! We got an amazing booth and table service all night long

12. Drais!! Such a nice chilled out experience

13.Go to the rainforest cafe 🐍🐊

14.A lot of people raved about Fremont street so we went but it can be quite daunting at times-stick together 

15. Be warey of the taxi drivers $$

16. If you love noodles like me try them at New York New York

17. Visit the breathtaking Bellagio water show. #obvs

18. Visits hakkasan- I saw Calvin Harris 😍

19. Oh the Cheesecake Factory in Caesars is the best!! Trust me when I say this you can share one between two! 

20. My sister and I got hounded by male attention when we visisted so just brace yourself!

Have fun peeps xo 

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